Richard Hunt,

Richard is CEO of Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. Richard has been in the securities business for more than 25 years. He holds among his varied FINRA registrations a Series 7, 24, 63, 52 and is a Series 55 NASDAQ Trader and a Municipal Bond Principal. Richard has a multifaceted background and has maintained positions of leadership with many companies. His primary emphasis has been in sales, marketing and human resources management. Richard has received numerous awards for performance in the securities industry and community involvement awards. He holds a BA degree in Liberal Arts, with emphasis in Human Resources, from Trenton State College, now known as The College of New Jersey.

“All firms say, ‘client first’. However, in recent times few have adhered to that mantra. We have, we do and we will. It is the cornerstone of our conservative approach and crucial to our forward-thinking decisions. We stand on principles and values, not emotions, something we think is important given market volatility today. Listening to you and understanding your needs so we can help you achieve your goals is the essence of the way we do business.”

William Hunt,

Bill is Chief Financial Officer of Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. Bill is a member of the Executive Investment Committee and the manager of several managed programs.

Bill has been active in the securities business for over 25 years. He has held various positions including Branch Manager, Vice President and registered options principal of regional and national firms. Bill holds the following FINRA registrations: Series 7, 24, 63, 27, 4 and 55. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent and licensed Insurance Agent. He has been, and is currently, a member of the Board of Directors of various companies. Bill oversees all financial reporting as the Chief Financial Officer of Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. He holds a BS in Business Administration from Trenton State College, now known as The College of New Jersey.

Damon D. Testaverde,
Managing Director

Damon has been a member of the Wall St. Community, since 1966 he has worked in various capacities including being Chief Executive Officer for Midsize Broker / Dealers that built significant retail and underwriting capabilities.

Damon specializes in Investment Banking Services for small to midsized companies including all areas of capital formation. Damon also has the ability to attract and build distribution systems in the Broker / Dealer community. Damon holds registrations, including Series 7, 24. Financial Principal and Municipal Bond Principal registrations.

“The future of the American Economy lies in the ability of small to mid-size companies obtaining adequate capital for growth and innovation. The main difference in the capitalistic system here in the U.S. and other societies is the ability of entrepreneurs to use their talent and energy, freely, to build new industries and better societies. It is our goal at Network 1 to assist these companies in reaching their full potential by providing the financial expertise and capital needed to realize these dreams.”

Mike Zarraga,
Senior Vice President of Business Development

Mike Zarraga is Senior Vice President for Business Development, Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc. He has more than 20 years experience in financial management as Vice President, Treasurer of a NYSE-firm and CFO of two start-up companies. Prior to joining Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc., Mike concentrated on individual portfolio management. At Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc., he specializes in finding companies with attractive long-term prospects and short-term influences that have the potential of providing an immediate upside.

Mr. Zarraga holds an MBA in Finance from The George Washington University and a BA in Management from the University of the Philippines.

“A client’s interests always come first… and each client is different from every other client. As such, I do not have an investment plan that fits every individual client or one capital structure for every banking client. My recommendations are specific to what fits the client’s need, risk tolerance, and financial profile. Maintaining a long-standing relationship is paramount and to do that I have to know and understand the client better than anyone else.”


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